Museum Exhibit Photography: Curious George

General Washington at Princeton by Polk reimagined by Fine Photographics
From the Re-envisioning Washington D.C. series… A new spin on Charles Peal Polk’s “General Washington at Princeton”

You never know what you’ll discover at the Smithsonian, like a beautiful portrait by Charles Peale Polk in the National Museum of American History. It caught me off guard because I’m used to seeing portraits like this in portrait galleries. I applaud the NMAH for placing this work in the context of the Price of Freedom exhibit.

The portrait is nestled in a dark corner, under plexiglass, with lots of reflective yellow light. So I shot with a tripod and corrected the perspective and color using reference photos.  Taking things a step further I applied a combination of Apple apps like Percolator, picfx and TiltShift Generator and then brought the project back into Photoshop for further enhancement. The intentional result is an eye-catching, modern spin on a classic. You can see the original portrait at the NMAH Web site.

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