Museum Exhibit Photography: Smithsonian Streetcar HDR

Smithsonian travel and tourism photography by Fine PhotoGraphics
From the Re-envisioning Washington D.C. series… Electric Streetcar #303

I love to photograph historic and vintage transportation. Experiencing something inside a museum at the scale of a bomber plane, locomotive or in this case a streetcar, never ceases to wow me. Streetcar #303 was in service in Washington D.C. until 1913. It’s resting place in the America on the Move exhibit at the National Museum of American History is so appropriate. Read all about the object on the Smithsonian’s NMAH Web site.

My challenge here was the lighting and heavy crowds. Using a tripod I took multiple exposures and combined them using various software, a process called high dynamic range. The result is a sharp, vibrant print quality photograph. Your museum exhibits can leap off the printed page or electronic screen. Contact me about professional museum photography services.

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