Professional Museum Photography

Professional Museum Photography
Aerial museum view by Fine PhotoGraphics

When people plan a vacation they often download or pickup the local travel guide. They browse through page after page of ads for museums, recreational fun, restaurants and lodging. The photo quality and choice for each ad is extremely important. It either inspires a person to make plans to visit or underwhelms them, encouraging them to keep looking.

How does the photography in your current marketing stack up to the competition on the same page or a click away? iPhone snapshots of museum events are acceptable for social media engagement, but what about your website, advertising and print collateral?

I recommend you bring in a professional museum photographer for your yearly “signature” shots:

  • Brochure
  • Magazine ads
  • Website homepage slideshow
  • Social media cover photos
  • Postcards

Compare the DIY (do it yourself) snapshot on the left versus a professional photo (multiple exposures, RAW editing, Photoshopping) on the right.

Professional Museum Photography

A picture has always been worth a thousand words, but the right photo can mean people walking through your doors or writing a check to support your organization. I would love to help with your “signature” marketing shots. Please contact me about professional museum photography services.


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