Historical Photomerge: Hollywood Studios Series Part 5

Photomerge-Hollywood-Studios-Owl Drug

The corner of Hollywood and Cahuenga Blvds. in Hollywood, CA circa 1935 and Keystone Clothiers today at Walt Disney’s Hollywood Studios in in Buena Vista, FL. Archival portion of this image was provided courtesy of the California History Room, California State Library, Sacramento, California; image has been altered from the original.

This is the last installment in the Hollywood Studios Series. If you are new here, I’m making reference to Disney’s Hollywood Studios (DHS) theme park in Buena Vista, Florida. You have probably visited the park before, but did you know most of the architecture at DHS is inspired from actual buildings in Hollywood and other parts of Los Angeles, California?

Disney Imagineering replicated this beautiful streamline moderne / art deco building located at 6380-84 Hollywood Boulevard. It originally housed an Owl Drugs location. Today, KEYSTONE CLOTHIERS sells Disney brand fashion, jewelry, watches and accessories for adults.

Hollywood Then and Now

Historical Photomerge Process

This is definitely the most challenging historical photomerge in the series. If you look closely, the Disney version reverses the top tower location. I preserved both in the merge for effect. The scale of the modern Disney building is much smaller. Compare the giant people of today versus the Lilliputian sized people in the archival portion! I took other liberties with sizing and positioning of certain objects to make the merge appear more seamless. For instance, the KEYSTONE CLOTHIERS sign is re-positioned over the archival portion in the merge to give more reference to Disney’s version.

This location still exists today at the intersection of Hollywood and Cahuenga Blvds. The upper floor is now Julian Medical, and Owl Drugs has long since been replaced by a Popeye’s Chicken.

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