Historical Photomerge: Library Snow

Historical Photomerge of Nappanee Public Library
One library literally brings the outside inside! Archival photo source: Nappanee Public Library, Nappanee, IN.

Libraries are a treasure in any town, but the Nappanee Public Library is truly a unique destination. The modern library is actually built around the original which provides an amazing experience for patrons.

Historical Photomerge of

Digging through their photo archives I came across an exterior photo from the 1950s in “Town Buildings Folder 3”. The winter scene provided a wonderful contrast since the front facade itself hasn’t really changed.

The library also oversees the Nappanee Welcome Center which is right down the street. It is the home to fascinating exhibits surrounding local heritage, some with national notoriety. Like the library, this building also encompasses another structure, the Hartman House, which offers another look back at the Nappanee of yesteryear.

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