Historical Photomerge: In Context

Historical Photomerge Bucklen Livery Elkhart Indiana by Fine PhotoGraphics
Putting local history in context, literally. Archival image courtesy of Elkhart Public Library, Elkhart, Indiana.

The Bucklen Livery (horse stable) was originally located at 117 E. Lexington Ave. Several businesses occupied the space including a bowling alley before it was demolished in 1979. The location today is a private parking lot.

Before and after historical photography by Fine PhotoGraphics

Historical Photomerge is my spin on the traditional “then-and-now” photo concept. Normally you might see photos of the same location side by side, sometimes from slightly different angles. Historical Photomerge seamlessly weaves together a historical archival photograph with a modern one to produce a thought provoking image.

Historical Photomerge is ideal for a smartphone or cellphone walking tour. Images are also useful for historic preservation by showing both the history and future potential of an endangered property.

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