Historical Photomerge: Firehouse

Then and now historical photography by Fine PhotoGraphics
100 years later this firehouse is now a bank. Archival image courtesy of the Elkhart Public Library, Elkhart Indiana.

I really love the archival photograph for this Historical Photomerge. It has all the elements of a good story with those men in uniform proudly showing off their “state-of-the-art” fire engines. The modern shot I took happened to show a red jeep similar in color to the bank awnings. This provided a nice contrast with the vehicles and with the color of the final merge.


Historical Photomerge is my spin on the traditional “then-and-now” photo concept. Normally you might see photos of the same location side by side, sometimes from slightly different angles. Historical Photomerge seamlessly weaves together a historical archival photograph with a modern one to produce a thought provoking image.

Historical Photomerge is ideal for a smartphone or cellphone walking tour. Images are also useful for historic preservation by showing both the history and future potential of an endangered property.

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