Historical Photomerge: Neighborhoods

Historic neighborhood photographer Fine PhotoGraphics
A gentleman in his vintage car turns onto a street from one century into another. The corner of Christiana Court and Beardsley Avenue in Elkhart, IN  in 1910 / 2010. Archival image portion courtesy of Elkhart Public Library.

Every city has a historic district filled with notable homes, beautiful gardens and exemplary architecture. In my younger days I would purposely walk about ten blocks to and from my my art classes at VCU in Richmond, Virginia. The more I walked the Fan District the more architectural detail I noticed, something I refer to now as “in-sight.” In-sight is taking the time to look up and around to see things we would normally miss in our hectic lives, the vignettes that make for great photography.

Perhaps the Historical Photomerge process above will help your historic district or neighborhood in restoration or revitalization efforts. Please contact me. I would love to explore the possibilities with you.

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